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Fri Nov 23 07:54:48 EST 2001

on 22/11/01 9:50 PM, lrich at ruralnet.net.au at lrich at ruralnet.net.au said
something like:

> hiding under a legitimate thread.  The sooner a bbs style is setup where ppl
> can look at a thread or topic of their own interest I think this group will
> benefit.  Is it that hard?  Does the software cost?  Is there a
> hardware/bandwidth restraint?  Steven ant Tony can you help us all here?

At the risk of sounding like a gui addict .. You can actually do a lot of
this sort of thing in your client software too.

Take free offerings like eudora / outlook express (yes it's a corporate
behemoth but the app works + it's free.. ) and I would expect the myriad of
linux/unix apps around etc.. Possibly this would alleviate your strain if
you sorted the posts by subject then date (outlook can put them into threads
etc which is pretty neato - insert squeaky voice here)

<I'll put my flame proof jacket on now ;>

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