[MLB-WIRELESS] ZoomAir 4100

Guillermo Payet gpayet at oceangroup.com
Fri Nov 23 05:44:59 EST 2001


I recently bought a ZoomAir 4100, on the mistaken belief that it came with
an antenna connector, but apparently only the PCI-adapter-equipped version
comes with it.

I'm wondering if anyone around here has managed to modify one of these
to add a connector?  I took the plastic casing off the antenna part of 
the card, but it looks like disabling the built-in dipole and enabling 
the existing solder points for an external antenna will involve some 
surface mount work.  It would help if at least I understood what these
surface mount components are.

Here's a schematic of what the circuit looks like:


The spaces labeled "C" and "D" in the drawing, are empty spaces for 
surface mount components.  "D" is set in such a way that it shares
a solder point with "A", so that there can only be one component in
A or D, but not both.

My hunch is that I need to unsolder both "A" and "B", solder the component
from "A" into slot "D", and add something (what?) into "C".

Any clues??

Now.. if someone had the external antenna version of the ZoomAir card
and was willing to peek inside, it would be wonderful!



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