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Thought this may interest the list....


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Extracted item provided for information.

Source:Edupage, November 19, 2001
- - - - -
Neighborhood wireless Internet networks are emerging in San
Francisco and Seattle communities as activists see free
high-speed Internet access as a way to improve society and
get cheaper connections. The networks are built on nodes of
broadband access, which then broadcast wireless signals over
the 802.11b standard, which usually travels half a block in
an urban environment. Anyone with a wireless 802.11b networking
card can access the network for free. Telecommunications
engineer and community organizer Tim Pozar set up one of the
first ISPs in his San Francisco neighborhood in the early 1990s
and now is setting up a similar wireless broadband network. He
and other free wireless broadband advocates see the movement
as worthy of the type of government subsidy endorsement that
was given the telephone when that technology emerged.
(Los Angeles Times, 15 November 2001)

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