[MLB-WIRELESS] Antenna cable?

darrend at natwide.com.au darrend at natwide.com.au
Thu Nov 22 10:30:00 EST 2001

I've built 2 helicals based on the design on the web site (thanks to Jason
Hecker!) with a few modifications. I'll set up a web page with pics and
description of the mods soon. Haven't tested them yet, waiting for my cards
to show. Fortunately I have a contact in the GPS game who can get me all
sorts of wonderful 2.4GHz test equipment!
Although, looking at the latest pricing available for para 24db antennas
that are getting around for wireless video, I'm wondering if it would have
been easier to go out and buy some!

Also, thanks Kim for suggesting jaycar, but they only seem to have standard
rg58 stuff which has pretty poor perfomance up at 2.4GHz. Belden 7780R
seems to be good, it has only 6.7db/100ft loss wich sounds good to me (
I'll need to run atleast 10M).

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darrend at natwide.com.au wrote:

> Well, my antennae are nearing completion

Details ????

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