[MLB-WIRELESS] Re: mobile mesh ... the scheme

Kim Hawtin kim at aldigital.co.uk
Thu Nov 22 07:02:22 EST 2001

> >>  ... seems like if ip allocation was 
> >>also all completely automatic, there would never be issues of having to 
> >>reconfigure everyone down a certain branch when more ip blocks are 
> >>needed, since its always dynamic.
> >>
> >
> >in a word, yes.
> >
> >thats exactly what mobile mesh is for, for solving this problem,
> >and one more that i have not seen mentioned, laptops roaming
> >and routing =)

> so does mobile mesh handle ip allocation like a dhcp server as well as 
> handling routing?  are you back in australia now? good to have you on 
> the list.

the model that i have been using for mobile mesh is not trivial and
would require a reasonable administration. but basically,
every fixed node is allocated an ip and a ip range for dhcp,
the dhcp range if for mobile clients that don't route.

mobile nodes that can route have an ip preallocated and also route
any node that you allocate an ip to and routes run mobile mesh.

the mobile routing nodes can roam seamlessly between fixed routing nodes =)
that are within range, because mobile mesh does the discovery.

the only catch is managing the default route.
thats where a VPN or MobileIP or some other system comes in...

this is the stage that i am at. integrating these ...


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