[MLB-WIRELESS] [proposal] IP allocation (was: DNS, DHCP, static ip... )

Kim Hawtin kim at aldigital.co.uk
Wed Nov 21 22:58:25 EST 2001

> >i think the use of DNS addresses a different goal.  the only reason to
> >influence IP address allocation according to geography is to reduce
> >the number of the routing prefixes that must be known by every router
> >in the mesh.
> >
> *disclaimer - im a programmer, not a network engineer*  that said, 
> wouldn't there be problems on every edge of each "geographical area"? if 
> a node is outside your geographical area, but is actually the closest 
> node to you, and you're not routing that way, won't that create 
> problems/inefficiencies?  seems to me having everyone run something like 
> mobile mesh that automatically handles all of the routing would be the 
> ideal solution.  also... wouldn't manually allocating set ip blocks 
> create problems down the road too? ... seems like if ip allocation was 
> also all completely automatic, there would never be issues of having to 
> reconfigure everyone down a certain branch when more ip blocks are 
> needed, since its always dynamic.

in a word, yes.

thats exactly what mobile mesh is for, for solving this problem,
and one more that i have not seen mentioned, laptops roaming
and routing =)


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