[MLB-WIRELESS] [proposal] IP allocation (was: DNS, DHCP, static ip... )

Drew drew at no6.com
Wed Nov 21 21:38:54 EST 2001

>i think the use of DNS addresses a different goal.  the only reason to
>influence IP address allocation according to geography is to reduce
>the number of the routing prefixes that must be known by every router
>in the mesh.
*disclaimer - im a programmer, not a network engineer*  that said, 
wouldn't there be problems on every edge of each "geographical area"? if 
a node is outside your geographical area, but is actually the closest 
node to you, and you're not routing that way, won't that create 
problems/inefficiencies?  seems to me having everyone run something like 
mobile mesh that automatically handles all of the routing would be the 
ideal solution.  also... wouldn't manually allocating set ip blocks 
create problems down the road too? ... seems like if ip allocation was 
also all completely automatic, there would never be issues of having to 
reconfigure everyone down a certain branch when more ip blocks are 
needed, since its always dynamic.

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