[MLB-WIRELESS] There is a *massive* radio transmitter on my r oof - any chances?

magrathea at subdimension.com magrathea at subdimension.com
Wed Nov 21 17:01:06 EST 2001

Tony Langdon spoke the following:

> Hehe, I didn't say whether the drivers would work! ;)

Thats the linux way! You'll need the monkey to churn out bob's, selma's
and bill's patches before it will come close to working, but if you have
the wrong revision monkey, you'll need matt's patches... etc...

btw: I have seen alot of messages to do with using cards as AP's. I am
using an orinoco bronze (2mbit) in an openBSD box with great success. ie:
had it talking to two lappys at once. What gives? why is there a problem
with this? anyone?


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