[MLB-WIRELESS] There is a *massive* radio transmitter on my r oof - any chances?

Agatha agatha at processplant.com
Wed Nov 21 13:06:00 EST 2001

Strange you should mention trained monkeys, as my boss claims that's all I am....
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  What we need is a trained monkey. If everybody would like to chip in and by
  me a trip to Indonesia, I'm sure one of the talented coconut-gathering
  monkeys could be redeployed to fix antennae to inner-city masts.
  - Barry

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  r oof - any chances?

  > is it bolted or welded to the roof?  maybe you could *very carefully*
  > unbolt the base and half the guy wires, and with a lot of 
  > assistants, lower
  > the tower down, assemble your antenna and tilt it back up, egyptian
  > style.....  some of the radio guys may have done this kind of thing
  > before... if there's a working bee, i'm there

  Hehe, would be one hell of an erection party. ;-)

  I'd be a bit wary of the height of the tower, might cause some safety
  issues, but one would have to have a look at how it's all put together.

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