[MLB-WIRELESS] Number-based domains.

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Tue Nov 20 10:21:02 EST 2001

>> but host.9999.wireless.net.au is not...
>> using a number as the first character is broken!
> I bet 3com are pissed then.

It's a policy thing, not a technical thing. '3com.com' is a valid domain
because the .com policy indicates that it is allowed, but the Australian
domain allocation policies are much tighter. Among other things, there is a
min 2 character limit and a 'no initial numerals' rule for .com.au, so
technically 3Com Australia should not have '3com.com.au'. In fact they do,
but they may have had it for a while. Things were different in the Robert
Elz days.

You can check out the current Aus policies at



Jonathan Oxer
Internet Vision Technologies

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