[MLB-WIRELESS] There is a *massive* radio transmitter on my roof - any chances?

dwayne dwayne at pobox.com
Mon Nov 19 22:06:50 EST 2001

LongHAUL wrote:

>2) The 'tower' that the transmitter is on is *very* high, but not human
>climb up load bearing type. It is about 15cm across at the top, 1 metre at
>the bottom, 20m(?) high, and has ~8 guy wires down to the roof. How the hell
>am I going to get to the top and attach an aerial? (cherry picker?
>helicopter? :)

Balloons? :-)

>3) I live on Johnston street in Fitzroy (Haven't added my node yet, can't
>access the locfinder through a modem... - I used to live at ACE -
>Moonbus.net, but moved a few months ago) and I am willing to set up an AP
>for the surrounding 'burbs.

Wow, a house with it's own website. Nice  :-)

>Is there anyone around Fitzroy who is on the way to getting an AP setup
>going, and if so, do you want to stick it on my radio tower for maximum
>benefit to all?

We should organise some sort of regional meeting thing, ie: all of us 
hook up at some point, inner city people meet once a month etc. Physical 
hook ups will speed things along a lot, and it'd be cool to put same 
faces to names.

>Micheal Hall
>ebase3 Interactive

After looking at this site, I wonder if the Luke Nailer I know is the 
same as the Luke Nailer you know.

small world.


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