[MLB-WIRELESS] There is a *massive* radio transmitter on my r oof - any chances?

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Mon Nov 19 13:02:27 EST 2001

> 1) Is there any chance at all that I can use the existing 
> radio transmitter
> for wireless stuff (not hopeful on this one)

Very doubtful.
> 2) The 'tower' that the transmitter is on is *very* high, but 
> not human
> climb up load bearing type. It is about 15cm across at the 
> top, 1 metre at
> the bottom, 20m(?) high, and has ~8 guy wires down to the 
> roof. How the hell
> am I going to get to the top and attach an aerial? (cherry picker?
> helicopter? :)

Probably have to get a cherry picker in. :)

> Is there anyone around Fitzroy who is on the way to getting 
> an AP setup
> going, and if so, do you want to stick it on my radio tower 
> for maximum
> benefit to all?

The tower sounds like a gr8 asset. :)

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