[MLB-WIRELESS] DNS, DHCP, static ip...

Matthew Boyd Matthew.C.Boyd at uts.edu.au
Sun Nov 18 04:45:17 EST 2001

Good point,
what was the consensus on this? We could go the route of using the 
192.168.x.x address space a quick and dirty route might be to attach an 
ip to the locfinder database, either just enter it in on of the 
available fields when you edit your details. That would stop people 
using the same ip in the same area for now.

Medium term, hell I don't know, but longer term when theres a degree of 
conectivity, then I like the idea of ipv6. Just the idea though, no 
idea how to do it.


> just a quick question, i dont know if anyone noticed my last post 
> about 
> this, but whats going to happen with ip allocation? how exactly 
> are the ips 
> going to be assigned and what type of ip will they be? (ie public, 
> like on 
> the internet, or private, like on a LAN)
> Probably more importantly, who is going to manage ip assignment? 
> if we get 
> everyone assigning their own ips nobody will ever be able to talk 
> to each 
> other well and wouldnt that slow down traffic?
> Also, would we all get domain names? instead of www we could have 
> wifi or 
> something like that to stop confusion on the net.
> If we used public ip like on the internet, who would we talk to 
> and how 
> much would it cost?
> By the way, as well as showing up at linux installfests, what 
> about the 
> swapmeets on sundays? I often see Melbourne PC Users Group with a 
> table...

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