[MLB-WIRELESS] Why So Many Problems

dwayne dwayne at pobox.com
Fri Nov 16 20:37:29 EST 2001

Barry Park wrote:

>Hey Matthew, 
>I think what people may have been getting upset about was the number of
>e-mails, which may have been misconstrued as spamming the list. 

If you get a heap of mail, like I do,  it was a bit much, as there were 
a bunch of them after the other.  If you don't get a lot of mail, yeah, 
it'd be just a string of ads.

>announcement with a request for interested parties to contact you off-list
>was probably all that was needed. I think lrich's response was a bit out of
>order, flame me if anyone disagrees.

Naaah, I thought it was a bit nasty, but then again I tend to get the 
venom out when I think someone is using lists to sell stuff.

>And yes, your gear *was* very attractively priced. And yes, I was thinking
>about the 16-port 100Mbps hub, but my wife would kill me before I could even
>begin to explain what I was going to do with it. That's the only reason I
>haven't responded to your post(s).

"rowry!"  <---authentic frontier gibberish

Nice post, wish I wrote it  :-)


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