[MLB-WIRELESS] Cleaning Out Stock ― Get This Now...

admin admin at staff.monterey.vic.edu.au
Fri Nov 16 11:06:11 EST 2001

hi guys cleaning out some stock all to go

10Mbit Hubs 5 Port $20

3COM Network Hub 24 Port 10Mbit Managed Hub $40

3COM 16 Port 100Mbit Only Hub $50

SMC EZCONNECT 10/100 MB << USB >> Network Adaptor
Perfect Condition Still In Unopened Boxes $25 Each

SMC EZCARD 10/100 MB PCI Network Card With Wake On Lan & Bootrom Socket Perfect Condition Still In Unopened Boxes $15 Each

NETWORK CABLES - Various Length CAT 5 Cables MOST NEW STOCK From $3 (Also Yellow Crossover ½ Metre)

check out the rest 


Matthew Smith
ozdisk at hotmail.com 
ozdisk at staff.monterey.vic.edu.au 
0419 583 451

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