[MLB-WIRELESS] 802.11 and 802.11b

Jason Hecker jason at air.net.au
Fri Nov 16 09:23:00 EST 2001

>Well, I'm still using 10Base2 at home and have few complaints about speed
>(but look like putting in a 10BaseT hub, since I can scavenge one with a
>blown power supply :) ).

Hrm, well, for $150 I got me an 8 port 10/100 _switch_ and two 100Mbit 
cards.  I got it at the Melbourne Showground computer swap meet.  The 
switch was $99.  It's a Sky Link Net1008.  Bloody snappy and lets me get 
files from my Samba server at over 3MBytes a sec.  The coax is now - 
defunct.  I'll never go back to 10Mbit, NEVER!  And neither will you if you 
get one!

Has anyone seen wireless gear at the swap meets?

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