[MLB-WIRELESS] 802.11 and 802.11b

Jason Hecker jason at air.net.au
Thu Nov 15 11:24:08 EST 2001

>Just as an aside, from a net. eng perspective, high bandwidth gaming is a
>very useful tool for testing network loading and performance...or so I tell
>the gf, anyways....

Well, yes!  You need low pings consistently, no packet loss and 
whatnot.  Rather like voice, really, perhaps a bit more forgiving though.

Meh, you need to get your gf to help you network test!  I did, and she is 
better than me at Tactical Ops now! (she's no fan of version 2.1 though).

As an aside, does anyone here have anecdotal evidence of wireless network 
performance and games?  How well does it cope with the constant collisions?


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