[MLB-WIRELESS] 802.11 and 802.11b

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Sorry, I don't speak ham radio.....I just caught the bit about 52Mbps throughput....which means as a linux net/sec nerd, I can put two up and run full duplex, 100baseT network to my buddy across the road, for FLAMING DEATH FROM ABOVE (Jane's Apache Longbow) purposes, or so I'm lead to believe...
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  Umm, 52 meg?  MHz or mbps?

  there is 802.11a, which does 54 Mbps on 5 GHz.  The hardware is just coming onto our market.  I suspect this is what you mean.  I suspect not very useful for most of us, due to the relatively long paths our links will operate over - high speed means more signal/noise ratio required.  And 5 GHz is even fussier than 2.4

  as for 52 MHz..  no, I think it would have to be 52 Mbps, as the 52 MHz region of spectrum is broadcasting (channel 0 TV 45-52 MHz)/amateur (50-54 MHz).

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    just curious,  but I was all geared up to go wireless with you guys, then I read an article about 52meg links in the public domain in the US.  HAs anyone else looked into this (I'm still waiting for the ACA to get back to me on the legality of using that bandwidth..)
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