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Sorry for the long post.

I’ve been subscribed for a while now but you guys airport me. (Straight over
the top of my head ;-) so bare with me if my lingo isn’t quite right.
(Packet switching is what you do in the supermarket to get a cheaper price
isn’t it?)

‘She who must be obeyed’ has cracked it big time with all the cabling around
the house. A sure sign she wants me to go wireless if I’ve ever seen one. I’
m using a D-Link DI-701 to share my SLOPTUS cable at the moment but I can
get a D-Link DI-713 for a very cheap price. As well as being an A.P. it’s
got a print server and a 3 port 10/100 switch so it’ll do everything I’ll
ever need.

Are these a decent unit?
What are the traps for young players?
Will it work OK with XP?
Is it compatible with any PCMCIA card or do I have to use the D-Link?
I’ve seen a PCI card with antenna on the list – has anyone used these?
What is 802.11b – is this the most compatible?

That’ll do for the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me

Robbie Anderson

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