[MLB-WIRELESS] Prices ?????

admin admin at staff.monterey.vic.edu.au
Tue Nov 13 23:47:20 EST 2001

ok guys check out these prices they are the best I can do ok, let me know if they are good or not, they are for melbwireless people only.. .. these are not on my website

Alloy Products

Wireless LAN Access Points:
WL-1450 SOHO 11Mbps
Special $520 ex gst   Normal RRP$613 ex gst
WL-1500 Interbuilding 11Mbps
Special $638 ex gst   Normal RRP$759 ex gst
WL-1000 Advanced 11Mbps
Special $638 ex gst   Normal RRP$759 ex gst

Wireless LAN Cards & Accesories
WL-300B-5 PC-Card With Integrated Antenna
Special $228 ex gst   Normal RRP$261
WL-600-XA PCI Adaptor
Special $112 ex gst   Normal RRP$122
WL-700-XA USB Adaptor Requires WL-300B-5
Normal RRP$34
WL-750-XA USB Adaptor With Integrated WL-300B-5
Special $255 ex gst   Normal RRP$302
18T-2400 18db Directional Antenna Kit For WL-1500
Special $545 ex gst   Normal RRP$656

Im still negotiating pricing on orinoco and avaya products at the moment the best prices so far are list below but Im trying to better them still....

Orinoco AP-1000 $1750 ex gst ??? is this good
Silver Cards $310 ex gst ??? is this good
Gold Cards $365 ex gst ??? is this good
PCI or ISA Adaptor $165 ex gst ??? is this good
Range Extending Antenna 2.5db  $215 ex gst ??? is this good

these Orinoco Prices would come down if quantities were bought at the same time

see if anyone can better these in australia, if you can find a supplier that will resell them to me at a lower cost to resellers I will sell them for what ever it is that covers cost of sale and postage oh and gst

yours sincerly 

Matthew Smith
Manager - OZDISK
ozdisk at hotmail.com
ozdisk at staff.monterey.vic.edu.au
0419 583 451
M-S 9am - 6pm

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