[MLB-WIRELESS] What do people want to do with the wireless connection?

dwayne dwayne at pobox.com
Tue Nov 13 22:28:51 EST 2001

Jason Hecker wrote:

>> Well, isn't there meant to be some sort of prioritisation flag built 
>> into IP?
> Linux supports a Quality of Service (QoS) in it's routing abilities, 
> so you should be able to prioritise packets based on what ports they 
> are travelling through.  So telephony would have a much higher 
> priority than ftp and edonkey. 

nononon, I remember Hal Varian doing a report on QoS issues on the 
internet *years* ago and he said that prioritisation is built into the 
IP spec, for military reasons, but no one ever uses it. I wonder if most 
routers support it.

> So will I.  So long as people don't expect Optus Cable performance, 
> more Telstra ADSL (hehehe) then things should be fine. 

Oh no, I'll be happy with connectivity of any sort, morer as a proof of 
concept than anything else. Of course, once we get it up and running, 
we'll be unsatisfied and want it better.  :-)


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