[MLB-WIRELESS] Quiet and Compact

Jay Fajardo jfajardo at digitelone.com
Tue Nov 13 01:06:36 EST 2001

I had the same idea. But the connector is hard to come by. The plug is
definitely the same one some moile phones use.

I've read that some folks have actually nixed the diversity mode in lieu
of using both. I haven't heard of the merits of that approach yet.

Thanks for the URL...gives me hope for my Dlink. Although an order for a
WAP11 from Linksys is coming in in a couple of days. I'll also try my
luck with that one.

Anybody here know which is best, antenna mods on the AP or on the PCMCIA
card itself?

Maybe when some of you guys find your way to Manila, you'd have a node
up and ready to serve you.

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|I haven't yet.  I expect to just plug the external antenna 
|into the swivel antenna point, and the diversity logic should 
|take care of it.
|Here's someone who's done it - 
|http://www.nycwireless.net/nodes/washsq.html - |although their 
|node is offline at the moment.
|If I have any problems, I would be emailing them :-)
|Have you managed to find a source for a plug to go into that point?
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|> How did you modify your 1000AP for an external? I did a modification 
|> hardwiring into the internal antennas wiring. But I'm not sure if it 
|> would have been better to tap into the swivel antenna's.
|> Or maybe linking both to the external?
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