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dwayne dwayne at pobox.com
Mon Nov 12 22:12:49 EST 2001

from some wireless list.
Oh, the samba-wireless list, father of this list. Grandfather? Thingy.

When I get my connection and home network issues sorted out I'll get all 
of this info collected into a website. There's a *lot* of info buried 
away in these lists.


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Subject: Re: galaxy dish antenna?
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 08:59:19 +0800 (WST)
From: Geoff Watts <wattsg at laboratory.innaloo.net>
To: Rob Seaman <rob at outbound-designs.com>
CC: wireless at lists.samba.org

> What you have sounds like the satellite dish, not the microwave (MDS)
> dish. In short, it's no good for a simple conversion to wireless
> networking.

Au contraire


They make -fantastic- 2.4ghz antennas.  I'd modify this guy's design a bit
to make the feedhorn a little less .. exposed.

Anyone got an old 90cm satellite dish they want to donate to me in WA? :)


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