[MLB-WIRELESS] Quiet and Compact

Matthew Vella mvella at flexsoft.com.au
Mon Nov 12 21:01:03 EST 2001

I haven't yet.  I expect to just plug the external antenna into the swivel
antenna point, and the diversity logic should take care of it.

Here's someone who's done it -
http://www.nycwireless.net/nodes/washsq.html - although their node is
offline at the moment.

If I have any problems, I would be emailing them :-)

Have you managed to find a source for a plug to go into that point?


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> How did you modify your 1000AP for an external? I did a modification
> hardwiring into the internal antennas wiring. But I'm not sure if it
> would have been better to tap into the swivel antenna's.
> Or maybe linking both to the external?

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