[MLB-WIRELESS] Windows XP Driver for DLink DWL-650

Jay Fajardo jfajardo at digitelone.com
Mon Nov 12 20:38:59 EST 2001

Hello all!
I downloaded the non-Microsoft supported driver for the DWL-650 and tried to
install it. Here's what happened.
1. It seems to activate and is recognized by the WindowsXP resident support
for Wireless networks. MS only originally supported Orinoco. Which (probably
among other things) task bar icons for signal strength.
2. Though item 1 above made me happy, the refused to find the DLink AP 1000.
3. I started out installing the updated driver over the old one. No Joy.
4. I un-installed the drivers and did a fresh install (new driver only).
5. I checked the 'Properties' of the card itself and it lost a few
parameters (including SSID!)
6. I rolled back to the previous driver (veer 1.32) and it now works again.
But I sure would like to have native WindowsXP functionality on the DLink.
Any DLink + XP'ers out there? 
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