[MLB-WIRELESS] Quiet and Compact

Matthew Vella mvella at flexsoft.com.au
Mon Nov 12 20:28:09 EST 2001

Just use a real Wireless Access Point with an external antenna.

Totally silent, no moving parts, and VERY small.  It's likely to be cheaper
than a PC with two WLAN cards too, as well as more reliable and less power
hungry.  It will also suffer having the power cycled on it much better than
a PC with hard drives, etc.

This is the one I use :-

Here are a couple more :-
http://www.alloy.com.au/index.htm?PAGE=/PRODUCTS/WL-1000.HTM and

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> I was visiting my Aunt this evening, she lives at the top of the punt
> road hill in Sth Yarra. Here apartment is about 6 floors up. There is
> an excellent view of Richmond, the St. Kilda road building and even
> the bay.
> Could anyone suggest some hardware that would provide this sort of
> setup?

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