[MLB-WIRELESS] Quiet and Compact

David Maslen david.maslen at iname.com
Sun Nov 11 22:09:37 EST 2001

I was visiting my Aunt this evening, she lives at the top of the punt
road hill in Sth Yarra. Here apartment is about 6 floors up. There is
an excellent view of Richmond, the St. Kilda road building and even
the bay.

It got me to thinking, that perhaps I could convince her to host an
AP, but as she's not a computer user, and might not benefit from the
AP herself it would be a tricky sell.

What would make it easier, would be if I could offer a quiet PC with a
minimum of cables and perhaps a single power cable. It would have to
be smaller enough, that she wouldn't feel it was taking up space.

Antenna could probably be attached to the outside wall of the
building, if they were light enough, or perhaps could be mounted
inside facing out through the glass.

Could anyone suggest some hardware that would provide this sort of

It also occurred to me that it could be installed on the roof, but
then there would be issues of power, a weather/theft proof
enclosure. Possibly a bigger issue would be convincing a body
corporate that it was acceptable.

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