[MLB-WIRELESS] Kew, Sth Yarra, Collingwood etc

Matthew Boyd Matthew.C.Boyd at uts.edu.au
Mon Nov 12 02:05:25 EST 2001

Hmm another thought,
what about approaching some of the community radio stations, they have 
antennas in place (I would assume) and would be nicely located for AP's.
Might even be able to stream some of their radio broadcasts over the 

> hey James:  are the WWW crew at all into having stuff on their roof?
> athough I've yet to approach them, i know some people with a large 
> tower(ex community FM station) at the corner of brunswick and 
> johnson in fitzroy
> >Do people in Kew, South Yarra, city etc want to get together and what
> >links are possible ?

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