Re: [MLB-WIRELESS] Ready to connect in Croydon?

Jonathan Oxer jon at
Sun Nov 11 22:44:07 EST 2001

Hi Peter,

> have you checked who is down bayswater way. that area gets reasonably
> flat so you might have more chance down there.

Yep, and my office is just at the end of Eastfield Road (but unfortunately
just over the crest of the hill, it's in the shops near the model train
shop in Dorset Road). That's in the node map as well. I also have a friend
who lives just south of Eastfield and I'm sure I'd have line of sight to
him, so we may set up a another node there and try to run

  my home <--> his home <--> my office.

My office would have good line of sight across most of Bayswater.



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