[MLB-WIRELESS] Kew, Sth Yarra, Collingwood etc

Matthew Boyd Matthew.C.Boyd at uts.edu.au
Sun Nov 11 19:50:03 EST 2001

> hey James:  are the WWW crew at all into having stuff on their roof?
> athough I've yet to approach them, i know some people with a large 
> tower(ex community FM station) at the corner of brunswick and 
> johnson in fitzroy

I don't have much in the way of roof access but I might be able to 
string something part way up the fire escape next door to me which has 
good LOS to the east (I think, basically looking down Smith St away 
from the city).

If we could get a link up on that corner (Brunswick & Johnston) then 
that would make a great AP. I'll volunteer a bit of time to help.

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