[MLB-WIRELESS] Kew, Sth Yarra, Collingwood etc

Michael Borthwick holden at netspace.net.au
Sat Nov 10 19:55:27 EST 2001

Giles Pollock wrote:

> i have only just joined this list in the last few days, so i dont know if
> anyone is interested... anyway, i am based in kew, pretty much on top of a
> hill... i have good line of site to the south of where i am (can see some
> church in hawthorn)

Well that narrows it down, can you see any milkbars or other unique landmarks  :-)

What's your Melways reference.

A site in Kew would be good to get over the ridge and link inner-east with northern nodes.

You might have L.O.S. to Matt who is in Collingwood

Do people in Kew, South Yarra, city etc want to get together and what links are possible ?

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