[MLB-WIRELESS] **excellent** article in The Age

dwayne dwayne at pobox.com
Sat Nov 10 02:14:55 EST 2001

vak wrote:
> howdy,
> Are you also/were dwayne at pobox.com ??

That's me. I am now back online, thanks to a handy Telstra phone line
and an iPrimus account.

iPrimus seem okay so far, the link is not congested and *they sign you
up over the phone*

(I've just been totally stuffed about by AINS for *a week* with the last
straw being my arriving to pay for an account in person (they can't get
it together to mail membership forms out) and discovering that, oh no,
they want *three months in advance*

Pissed off? Me? Yup.

So, I rang iPrimus and they connected us on the spot. Nice. 

now to dig out my archives and read what I've been missing out on....


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