[MLB-WIRELESS] Interested in the whole idea...

Giles Pollock glp71s at mailandnews.com
Fri Nov 9 20:00:58 EST 2001

i have only just joined this list in the last few days, so i dont know if 
anyone is interested... anyway, i am based in kew, pretty much on top of a 
hill... i have good line of site to the south of where i am (can see some 
church in hawthorn) and to the CBD which is to the west of where i am... i 
dont know my coords for the node locator and im not sure what hardware i 
should invest in to hook up to the network... anyone got suggestions on 
cards (what type i should use 30mW or 100mW or whatever) and what type of 
aerial would be best (dish, omnidirectional... not to sure with my 
microwave hardware...)  I already have a LAN at home with a simple linux 
based server (would require minimal adjustments) and enough experience with 
networking, what prices would i be looking at for entry level hardware?

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