[MLB-WIRELESS] antena's

Steven Haigh netwiz at optushome.com.au
Fri Nov 9 10:19:22 EST 2001

Hmmm - it looks like it may be possible to use these antennas... I wouldn't
bother with the whips though - maybe the yagi's and parabolics though.....

Steven Haigh

Out the 100Base-T, off the firewall, through the router, down the T1,
over the leased line, off the bridge, nothing but Net.

The net will not be what we demand, but what we make it. Build it well.

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From: Peter Rogers
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Subject: [MLB-WIRELESS] antena's


Does anyone know if these antena's would be anygood for wireless cards.


if the above doesnt work then go


look under main menu
then look under wireless av video transmitters
then antena's.

Also how do they compare on price etc. Please let me know as i have no link
to this company i have just seen them when searching for video transmitters
and was wondering how they are on price.


Peter Rogers
Node BHF & CBI

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