[MLB-WIRELESS] node editing ... finally

ABBENHUYS, Ryan rabbenhuys at mfbb.vic.gov.au
Fri Nov 9 07:50:15 EST 2001

How about the ability to put in a link to a picture of the view for those
people who have them.  Actually I suppose people could just add the URL of
the pic to an extra details field...

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On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Drew wrote:

> I just made the node editing function live on the site, please please
> mail me and Steven directly if you find *any* problems, or security holes.

Great stuff, Drew - thanks.

I was wondering if it mightn't be useful to have another field or two for
details about the link - things like the channel in use and maybe some
comments on the view from the node.  Also, altitude might be useful, for
those that have it, for working out line of sight possibilities...


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