[MLB-WIRELESS] Councils (Yarra Ranges)

Tyson.Clugg at csiro.au Tyson.Clugg at csiro.au
Thu Nov 8 17:46:14 EST 2001

There is PLENTY of FREE data available.  You just have to look in the right
See my other post in this thread for more info on where to find the
data/software, all FREE.

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> i'm looking into getting contour maps for the Whitehorse
> area, will probably
> contact the council this week
> as far as i can tell there are no contour maps on the
> internet for melbourne
> at all
> Dave
> >
> > She put me in touch with Andrew Lacey in the Shire  mapping dept
> > for help with contour maps etc. I haven't contacted him yet
> > because i'd like to ensure this is a coordinated effort from all
> > of us interested. I figure I'm just a private citizen here (and
> > not a very technical one at that) If we coordinate our efforts
> > it will save a lot of duplication and make best use of the
> > council goodwill
> >
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