[MLB-WIRELESS] Councils (Yarra Ranges)

Dave Paizis paizis at optushome.com.au
Thu Nov 8 14:15:40 EST 2001

i'm looking into getting contour maps for the Whitehorse area, will probably
contact the council this week

as far as i can tell there are no contour maps on the internet for melbourne
at all


> She put me in touch with Andrew Lacey in the Shire  mapping dept
> for help with contour maps etc. I haven't contacted him yet
> because i'd like to ensure this is a coordinated effort from all
> of us interested. I figure I'm just a private citizen here (and
> not a very technical one at that) If we coordinate our efforts
> it will save a lot of duplication and make best use of the
> council goodwill

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