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Nick Sibbing nick at artful.com.au
Thu Nov 8 13:53:34 EST 2001

Joseph Sirucka wrote:

Yarra ranges is really not interested funding IT since it would
have to be publically accessable
> for all (an issue with bandwidth sharing and a license then as a carrier).  As for putting access points on high structures that are council property or in their control
> (influence), they will gladly help you, in that area.
> A few friends and I in the yarra ranges are trying to setup access points we seem to have a very receptive response from the shire. They won't provide any  funding, and we haven't seen  requirements to be provided before a access point are allowed on any structures, e.g. insurance to cover the
> access point if it does something wrong to others or property. Also letter saying the 2.4 spectrum is free to  You are playing with a government. They wish for all angles covered.
Gday Joseph
these are all excellent points that you raise and I agree. We'll
need a council friendly approach to address their concerns.

I just want to let you and any one else interested in Yarra
Ranges council know of my contacts up to date. I spoke to
Elizabeth Jennings (among quite a few others) initially and she
went awy read the Age article and called me back. She seems
quite keen to help in whatever way she can she is also involved
with other shire networking projects such as community telcos
and public access internet facilities. She also mentioned it to
someone in the IT dept at the Lilydale Swinburne campus and
recieved a positive response.

She put me in touch with Andrew Lacey in the Shire  mapping dept
for help with contour maps etc. I haven't contacted him yet
because i'd like to ensure this is a coordinated effort from all
of us interested. I figure I'm just a private citizen here (and
not a very technical one at that) If we coordinate our efforts 
it will save a lot of duplication and make best use of the
council goodwill 

As well as yourself and friends Joseph, I know of Cor Lefel
(kermit) in Mooroolbark and Adrian Close in Lilydale who are
interested and I wonder if we could get together with any one
else who is interested locally and have a chat get a modest
wishlist and then perhaps visit the shire.

Just as a stating point perhaps next Thursday afternoon say 3.30
in Lilydale?

Feel free to contact me off list but i posted this if anyone
else locally is interested I'd be keen to hear from them

Kind Regards
Nick Sibbing

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