[MLB-WIRELESS] bulk order

Robert Foster rfoster at mountainvisions.com.au
Wed Nov 7 23:39:41 EST 2001

Hi Steven,
Put me down for 2 of these babies if possible.

Also, my new address details (for the node map, contactability, etc) as are

Robert Foster
3 Trentham Close
Hoppers Crossing 3029
ph: 0418 131 065


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> ok - the maths means that this works out to be $155AU for each card
> including shipping - that's assuming a lot of things so final prices will
> vary depending on the number of cards we ship....
> If you email me at netwiz at optushome.com.au I'll put together a list of
> people who *definatly* want a card, and we can work out final
> costs on those
> figures...
> Signed,
> Steven Haigh
> Out the 100Base-T, off the firewall, through the router, down the T1,
> over the leased line, off the bridge, nothing but Net.
> The net will not be what we demand, but what we make it. Build it well.
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