[MLB-WIRELESS] Hellz Yeah! (was re:Time for an installfest)

Pure Krome pure.krome at world-domination.com.au
Wed Nov 7 14:31:16 EST 2001

> would it be appropriate to think about organising a mass installfest ...

Good Idea!

why? I'm new to this wireless stuff, and well .. basically... i know a lot
of us n00bies are wanting to get into wireless, and live in melbourne /
victoria and are sorta lost with things like wot to buy, how to be part of
this free melbourne wireless lan .. how to get our linux machines to be hubs
or whatever ...

etc etc etc ...

Count me in (provided my boss .. erh .. um .. fiance doesn't have plans on
that same day)...

unless i can get a clone ... and make that clone Wireless .. *homer drool*


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