[MLB-WIRELESS] Time for an installfest?

ABBENHUYS, Ryan rabbenhuys at mfbb.vic.gov.au
Wed Nov 7 14:08:27 EST 2001

While we're looking at the bulk buy theme.  Maybe we should also bulk buy
Pigtail adapters for the Lucent cards and maybe anything else people can
think of that we'll need.

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From: Barry Park [mailto:bpark at theage.fairfax.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 7 November 2001 13:32

Hey all,
Just thinking that if a bulk order of *ahem* $1 wireless NICs lands in .au
about the same time, would it be appropriate to think about organising a
mass installfest to coincide? Find a place with a bit of room and set up a
central access point to tweak installed systems? Even an antenna hacking
session? Open to those with/without something to set up?
It might help to get a rudimentary backbone up faster.
- Barry


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