[MLB-WIRELESS] The bulk buy (tm)

Matthew Vella mvella at flexsoft.com.au
Tue Nov 6 15:43:52 EST 2001

I reckon option 2 is the best bet - especially given the limited time.

Assuming the postage cost is split amongst the purchasers (I think that's
what Drew was meaning - that's why he talked about removing manuals, etc),
I'm in for a couple of cards.

Give me your bank account details and I will happily deposit money today :-)


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> well, here are the options... to secure a number of these cards, we need
> act fast... 13 have sold today - leaving about 20 left...
> options:
> 1) get the money to me, and I wire it all in one bulk payment to drew, the
> cards get sent to me, and I distribute them
> 2) send the money directly to drew and get him to ship it back to you.
> (probably harder)
> now, we have the cost factor...
> $59.95 USD for the card - that converts to $120AU...
> now add $50USD for postage & packing etc... $97.83
> brings the total cost to $217.83 in Australian dollars per card.
> now we don't have a great deal of time if we do with to secure these cards
> at this price... so what do people want to do?
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