[MLB-WIRELESS] Cisco AIR-PCM352 cards... AP???

darrend at natwide.com.au darrend at natwide.com.au
Mon Nov 5 18:07:47 EST 2001

Hi all, been eyeing off the cisco cards for a while now. As I'm sure we all
know the LMC352's with the ext connectors aren't available in oz, but I'm
happy to take mychances with a soldering iron!
I can get hold of the PCM352's (with int antenna) locally for just under
$350 inc, but before I rush out to get one... does anyone know if these
cards are prism2 or 2.5 and if so can they be run in AP mode?

Darren Dreis
IT Manager
Nationwide Digital Products P/L
Tel 03 9548 9444  Fax 03 9548 9040

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