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vak vak at alphalink.com.au
Mon Nov 5 15:33:32 EST 2001

I'd think the most expensive component would be the wavelan card...... (at $440 for a WL200, that's why i'm not
on the air yet)....

The 486's could be picked up for free...... I've thrown enough of them out/ donated them from past jobs.....


David Arnold wrote:

> -->"Barry" == Barry Park <bpark at theage.fairfax.com.au> writes:
>   Barry> Nice idea, but what's the incentive?
> for me, the real incentive is not having the software set up for me,
> but that the hardware i'd like to use is not off-the-swapmeet boxes.
> my ideal setup is a small watertight box, roughly brick-sized or
> smaller, which has a single 10baseT cable incoming, using POE (power
> over ethernet) from my second-floor flat, up to the antenna mast on
> top of the block (roughly 25 metres).
> that box should contain a 486-586 class CPU, a 10M wired ether port,
> 16M RAM, a 32M flash card (for filesystem), and the capacity for at
> least two and preferably optional capacity for 4 or 6 wavelan cards
> (so i can run a local onmi, and several point-to-point backbone
> links).
> looking at what's out there, a PC/104-based system with several
> stackable dual-PCMCIA slots seems ideal.  some of the better
> motherboards have single-source power, RAM + CPU + ether on the board,
> etc.
> but in single quantities, these things cost an insane amount.
> if we were able to do a deal, and get several hundred motherboards and
> a few more PCMCIA boards direct from Taiwan, it'd be a lot more
> feasible.
> d
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