[MLB-WIRELESS] Suggestion

James Robertson orlock at central.warehouse.net
Sat Nov 3 18:13:42 EST 2001

On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, Chris Hocking wrote:

> I have a suggestion. This is the first time I have submitted to the list so
> if the idea sucks - please tell me.

Doesnt suck at all!

> contents (motherboard, etc.) into a real box so it looks like something
> other than a computer. Make it so you can attach it to inside your roof or
> something. Have 3 outputs out of the box: ethernet, ariel, power.

The company i work for makes linux based network appliances/routers..

The hardware is pretty much off-the-shalf PC hardware, with some minor
electronic changes to the otherboards, and parts specifically chosen for
reliability/certain other features..

Cases we have are custom, and may not be completely suitable... However,
 we have some experience in custom PC enclosures, etc. Sure that we could
find a way to help - THis sort of thing could be benificial to everybody.

James Robertson
(System Administrator, D2P.com.au, but doing this in my own time...)

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