[MLB-WIRELESS] Mt Gambier, SA Nodes

Robert Farrar robert at concepts.mtx.net
Sat Nov 3 10:03:39 EST 2001

Hello All,

I just thought that I would put in a few words...

I have just managed to put up my main access point up a new 15 mtr telemast on top of a roof 4 mtrs high, my access point box is 5 mtrs above the roof on the mast and I have to RG-1000's running TURBOCELL in the box, from there I have one connected to a 25 db directional antenna pointing east and the other connected to a 8 db omni-directional. Well I get it all back up and switched it back on and the Satellite unit connected to the directional would not work.

So I have get up on the roof & then climb up a ladder the 5 mtrs to the access point, open the box to find the problem. The PCMCIA card had fallen out of the satellite access point, so I plugged it back in and bingo it now all works well.

Now I am not afraid of heights, but that unit is bloody high up when you are leaning against it and the ladder is sliding back and forth along the pole on the top rung of the ladder.

A cherry picker would not quite reach far enough to get to it.


Robert Farrar
Mt Gambier, SA
472.93km sw from Melbourne : Digital & Wireless
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