[MLB-WIRELESS] node map

Nick Sibbing nick at artful.com.au
Fri Nov 2 10:13:55 EST 2001

David Arnold wrote:
> i've been thinking about the node map,
> some things i've been wanting:
the ability to update your database entry with new status,
>   equipment, etc
> - the ability to filter the plotted nodes by status (interested,
>   waiting, etc)
> after mailing out to the people within range of me, and then looking
> through the node list in more detail, it seems that while the map
> looks full, the vast majority of people aren't yet ready to actually
> set up links ..

agreed the map is fantastic and being updateable would be even
better. In the short term even being able to delete a record and
renter the info would allow corrections also a bit more info on
how to enter information might help (my question "when i zoom in
on the vic map are the little asterixes house locations?") 

long term i'd love to see the angle/bearing between nodes as
this would help mapping no end if it is possible

Kind Regards
Nick Sibbing

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