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ABBENHUYS, Ryan rabbenhuys at mfbb.vic.gov.au
Fri Nov 2 09:31:38 EST 2001

maybe different coloured dots for each different status.
would look pretty too.  :)

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From: David Arnold [mailto:arnold at dstc.monash.edu.au]
Sent: Friday, 2 November 2001 9:19

i've been thinking about the node map, and a couple of features i'd
like to see added.  who's maintaining the software?  is it available
to hack on?

some things i've been wanting:

- the ability to update your database entry with new status,
  equipment, etc

- the ability to filter the plotted nodes by status (interested,
  waiting, etc)

after mailing out to the people within range of me, and then looking
through the node list in more detail, it seems that while the map
looks full, the vast majority of people aren't yet ready to actually
set up links ...


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