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RS Parts in Port Melbourne is cheaper than CNE for bits an' bobs..
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  Suppliers of connectors, cable and assemblies. 
  CNE on 9486 9488 (On hoddle st) 

  or Rojone. 


  Shane Chubb wrote: 

    Hi all 
    This is my first post here so these questions are probably old ones. 
    A friend and I are currently building machines to connect wireless to.  We 
    have come across a few problems - as I guess all new comers would.  The 
    wireless cards we are using are Proxim RangeLAN2's which only have a small 
    antenna on them.  There is however a MMCX connector underneath which can 
    have a pigtail connected to it.  My question is - does anyone know somewhere 
    in Australia that sells these pigtails?  I have been able to find then in 
    the US but feel that postage on such an item would cost more than the item 
    I am also hoping for a few suggestions to antenna selection.  We have an old 
    Austar Sat dish and were going to play with that but from what I read a 
    parabolic grid may be a better solution.  What's the consensus there? 

    One last thing.  I have also found some amplifiers and have a circuit to 
    build your own, but knowing what level of output is required is something i 
    am unsure of.  The RL2's output 100mW standard, what sort of range "should" 
    that provide with a nice 25db parabolic?  Is there a formula to work out 
    power output to range knowing a particular antenna's gain?  the amp circuit 
    I have here allows 2.2Watts output, however is that level of output legal as 
    I have seen no products that go above 500mW standard. 

    A lot of questions I know, please don't feel that you have to answer them 
    all, I am simply looking for peoples opinions and experiences in this area. 


    Shane Chubb 
    Systems Administrator 
    MCP+i MCSE 
    Tronics Pty Ltd 
    Ph.(03) 94642400 
    Fax. (03) 94642538 
    s.chubb at tronics.com.au 

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