[kernel-xen] Kernel Panic

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Wed Apr 6 08:22:25 AEST 2016

On 6/04/2016 1:11 AM, Steffan Cline wrote:
> Had an odd issue a couple weeks back where I checked on my server and
> there was a kernel panic. I didn’t think much of it and restarted. It
> booted into the default CentOS 6 kernel. Once I realized what happened I
> rebooted back into the Xen kernel just fine.
> This morning I woke to find that the server had been crashing and
> rebooting for several hours.
> I logged in and the cause seems to be the notorious error "module
> scsi_wait_scan not found” There are no good easy solutions on how to fix
> this.

This isn't a crash. The error shows because the module doesn't exist.
I'm not keep on patching the init scripts of EL6 to remove the message
as that has the potential to cause more problems than to remove a
cosmetic only error.

> Most docs I came across say it was supposed to be removed a while back.

And it has - hence you see the 'error'.

> Suggestions anyone? I only got my system back up by using an older Xen
> kernel. Hard part is my mail runs in a VM on the system. Such luck.

Which kernel were you using? DomU configuration? Dom0 configuration? Are
you using PVH? Linux guest? Windows guest? 'Older Xen kernel' in what?
The DomU? The Dom0?

As a side note, I'd recommend removing the stock kernels on the Dom0 -
it will operate quite fine without them.

Steven Haigh

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